Vegan Craft Chocolate

Salem-based Chomp! Chocolate is on a Moo-less mission to bring vegan milk chocolate to everyone while helping the planet. 

Chocolate creations are bean-to-bar, dairy-free, vegan, soy-free, palm-free, and made from ethically sourced cocoa that’s FEP-approved. Try their tasty variety of treats the whole family will enjoy. Savor their seasonal creations both in person and by buying online.

We are inspired to create the best vegan chocolate in the world while allowing consumers to make delicious decisions that help the environment while being accessible and affordable. Take a unique tour at 45th Parallel of the facility, take in the refreshing transparency and learn why Chomp! Chocolate is making a difference. We make everything in our chocolate factory using high-quality cacao. We like to think of ourselves as artisan chocolate, without that hoity-toity. We are a small team with a big bite. No ifs. No buts. We only make milk from nuts. Check out our fun factory at 45h Parallel, and visit to learn more.